The Zone

Originally posted January 29, 2012 (before the disaster)


I woke up today, filled with determination



dreamstimefree_3193230 Photo from Dreamtime


I was ready to take on the world!  Or, more importantly, the mess in the basement…


My house has been more or less a disaster for the last year, ever since I got the brilliant idea of putting in hardwood upstairs (with only my dad and I doing the hard work!).  Finally, after thirteen months, I’m starting to put my house back in order.  With the help of my handsomer half, I’ve spent the last month organizing the upstairs, including getting a functional kitchen back again (yes, there’s still work to do up there, but it’s useable now).


The next task on the agenda?  The basement.  The place where all of my junk was dropped until the renovations were done.  The place that is small and tight with all of the furniture, boxes, piles, etc. in there.  The place where my office will be.


I spent four hours today setting up my new writing/crafting zone and, while it’s not yet perfect, it’s at least functional (I’m writing this very blog post from it).  I’ve even gotten rid of a few things I didn’t need anymore.! Now, I just have to keep going through the boxes, sorting through books, and hanging things on the walls.


Then I will take pictures to share.  Because what fun is completing something if you can’t share the result with the world?


Where is your special writing zone?

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