On Muses and Musing

Originally posted January 15, 2012 (before the disaster)



My muse seems to have abandoned me.


It’s hard for me to admit, and yet it’s true.  I haven’t had many “good” story ideas in quite some time, and now that I’m actively looking for new content to write (both for short stories/novels and for this blog) it seems to be even more difficult to come up with something that feels worthy of my time.


I’m trying not to let it worry me… not to force it… but the clock is ticking and the pressure is starting to mount.  I need to come up with something soon if I want to have it ready in time to meet some end of February submission deadlines.


*takes a deep breath*


This has happened to me before.  I think it happens to all writers at some point or another, probably more than once.  I just need to be patient, to stay alert, and to keep trying to work through what ideas I do find.


In the meantime, I received some valuable advice from Twitter (thank you my followers: you were very helpful!):

  • Look at pretty pictures
  • Listen to inspiring music
  • Freewriting
  • People watching
  • Local news stories
  • Working out
  • Read things like what I am trying to write
  • Mindless housework (dishes, laundry)


A few of these have already proven useful, and I’ll be trying a few more in the coming weeks (and hopefully reporting back in!).  What’s your favourite way to get inspired?


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