In the Last Two Months

A lot has happened… and nothing has happened.

KRH was in the hospital at the end of January, which threw us all out of our element for a few weeks. He’s doing fantastically now, has had a couple of all-clear follow-up visits, and is eating and growing like a weed (he’s somehow put on over a kilogram – 2.2 pounds – since mid-February) and he’s walking and talking and leaving our worldly possessions in a stream behind him like a toddler tornado. He’s so much fun right now. I’m really enjoying the (somewhat scarce thanks to the day job) time we spend together, even if I often find myself longing for bedtime to come after an hour or so.

That’s more because I’ve been exhausted lately. I did whirlwind of a two day field visit in early January that, combined with the hospital visit shortly thereafter, has left me a bit ragged. I have a vacation coming up and, I’m hoping some R&R will improve things.

Because of the exhaustion, I haven’t accomplished much in the creative department. I’m knitting very little (see my aforementioned suspected RSI, which is slowly getting better), though I have picked up an old cross stitch kit that’s been languishing for a while. Writing has been happening very slowly, if at all. Running also hasn’t been much of a thing lately, and I’m sure I’d feel better if I got out and got moving. I am slowly picking my way through some household things that need to be completed, but I’m really hoping I’ll return from a slow, relaxing vacation in the warmth feeling renewed and energetic again.

Anyway, Daylight Savings Time started yesterday and it’s “late”, which means I should probably move in the direction of something approximating sleep. We fly out on Saturday, so there’s the added pressure of laundry and packing and errands and so forth, so this is going to be a busy week. But hopefully a productive one!

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