Hello world!

Hello everyone!  Here I am, writing my first ever blog post.


You are probably wondering a little bit about me.  Well, to start off with: I’m a writer.  I have been writing on and off for at least the last decade and, as I became more and more active with NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to become a little bit more serious about my craft (more on that later!).  I love NaNoWriMo so much (both because of the enthusiasm and friendliness of the people there and for the dedication and focus it’s taught me) that I have volunteered as a Municipal Liaison in Calgary for the last two years, and am only enjoying it more and more every year.


Writing at a NaNo Event

In order to pay for a computer, internet, and warm home in which to work on my craft, I work full-time as an engineer with a small engineering firm in Calgary.  It’s interesting work, sometimes a stretch of my skills (and sanity), but I’m growing ever more confident and respected.  It certainly does pay the bills!


I am owned by two cats and one honourary nephew.  Most days it’s tough to tell who’s cuter.


Saffron (left) and Socks

That’s really about all that I have to share about myself (I try to save all of the excitement for my writing, after all), so I’ll be signing off now (and posting this, just to make sure it works!).


Stay tuned for much, much more.  See you again soon!

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