Friday Flash Fiction – 2011/09/16

Originally posted on January 5, 2012, before the disaster.


This is a short story written for a flash fiction challenge before I had a blog.  The challenge required the use of three words from a short list.  I chose: bishop, lollipop, and ivy.



The bishop slid forward. “Check.”


She sucked on the lollipop thoughtfully. The board was nearly empty; she was trapped in one corner.


He grinned and rested his elbows on the ivy-covered stone. “Well?”


It always ended this way: peril with no obvious escape.

“Just give up, Amy.” He advised gleefully. “You know you’ve been beaten.”


Clarity. Finally. There was only one move left.


“Checkmate.” She slid her queen forward.


He stared at the board in shock. She slipped the ring off her left hand and hung it over the neck of her queen.


“It’s over, Mike.”

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