Book Review: “The Hunger Games” (*****/5)



I haven’t been unable to put a book down for a while.  This might seem shocking to many of you, but I’ve always been a fast reader and often finish books in one or two sittings (the most notable of which being nearly every Harry Potter book).  Lately, though, I’ve read a little of a book and put it down, only to pick it up a week or a month later.  Even the infamous Game of Thrones that kept my boyfriend up for many a late night didn’t hold my attention (I still have yet to finish it).


I could NOT put The Hunger Games down.


It wasn’t just that the protagonist was a wonderfully written young woman with courage that I can only dream of.  It wasn’t that the society of Panem was wonderfully weird and an interesting statement on society.  It wasn’t the fighting to the death and it wasn’t the love story.


It was everything.


I can certainly see why The Hunger Games is incredibly popular right now.  To start with, Katniss is an amazing protagonist with courage that few people have.  She sacrifices herself (pretty much literally) to save her younger sister without really thinking of the implications.  She handles most of the situations she’s faced with in the Capitol with courage and grace.  And she overcomes so very much in the Games themselves.


Katniss is faced with a problem that many young adult readers are not, although I think most readers can relate to facing strange situations that seem familiar but are fraught with politics and popularity contests and twists.  When I put it that way, it sounds much like junior high/high school, doesn’t it?  And then, just to make a bad situation worse: there’s the romance.  Does she love Gale?  Does she love Peeta?  Katniss doesn’t seem to know what she really wants and who she really cares for.


I also completely enjoyed the setting of Panem.  It was weird and wonderful and just a little bit off-putting.  I could see the North America that we know now turning out that way under the right circumstances.  I also particularly liked how the splendor of the Capitol was contrasted so sharply with the conditions in District Twelve.  In these times of economic uncertainty, I think it’s something that a lot of us can relate to.


The Hunger Games definitely sucked me in with its relevance to the world today and it’s subtle commentary on society.  But it was the action that kept me going, even though I had seen the movie and knew how it would end.  I hung on to every Tribute’s death and waited anxiously with Katniss for the next battle, the next fight for her life.  And when the end finally came, it was the opposite of what I would have expected.


I will definitely be buying and reading the next two books in the series, as I simply must know what happens in Panem next.  And I think that there are many things Suzanne Collins does that I will have to keep in mind for my own writing.


All in all, a great book that made an excellent movie.  I hunger for more.

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    • Sindy says:

      Well I was rellay rellay hoping they would choose someone that LOOKED slightly like Katniss so, if they don’t dye her hair, I’m gonna be very annoyed. I must admit; she looks kinda, uh, dreamy, to be Katniss, but, um, we’ll see, I guess. (Although I was going for Hailee Steinfield (she’s a good actress (Nominated for an Academy Award at 14?) and looks like a Katniss) or Emma Roberts)

  2. KimGreenAtlanta says:

    Thanks for your post. When I finish a book (in this case, a trilogy) I am curious about other people’s reaction. I hope you will post your comments after you read the others books in the trilogy. Peeta’s role is very interesting in these two books.

    • Candice says:

      Thank you 🙂 I am curious to know how the next two books go, although I have been spoiled regarding the ending (that’s what happens when I take too long to read them, I guess)! I’m sure I will enjoy them regardless!

      • Kajal says:

        She’s not who I would have picked, but I think she’s much betetr than some of the people whose names were being thrown around for the role. She was excellent in Winter’s Bone and I think that proved she could get down and dirty for a role. We’ll see how she does.Melissab4s last post ..

    • Aradhana says:

      I haven’t seen her in any movies but I’ve heard she’s a good acrtess . Looking at the picture, I can’t imagine her as Katniss but as long as she can act, I don’t mind so much.I hope they choose a good actor for Peeta too.Misha Mathewb4s last post ..

  3. Jason says:

    The book that made me think the most is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a really cool. The Catcher In The Rye by JD Saligner, one of my fovaurites. There are also some books by Jacqueline Wilson like Kiss and My Sister Jodie that are really good. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, this one is probably the best. I hope this helps you.

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