A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Normally, I’m pretty good at computer shortcuts.  I use them all the time, both for writing and for work.  It’s one of the reason my more… ‘senior’ coworkers think I’m so fast on the computer.  I’m pretty good at realizing when I’ve made a mistake and fixing it.  Control-Z is my friend.


Sometimes, I admit, I do struggle to switch from my work (Windows) machine to my home (Macbook) one.  Usually I try to hit control instead of command (or alt instead of control, depending on where I am and how hard I’ve been working).  It usually doesn’t work but doesn’t screw anything up, so I laugh and move on.


This weekend, I screwed up.


It wasn’t funny.


I had just spent two hours working through the plot summary (step 6 of the Snowflake method, if you’re curious) for my novel’s potential sequel.  It was brilliant, it was witty, it was even charming.  And I promptly accidentally deleted it (I won’t go into cutting versus copying and why I should have done one and not the other).  And my trusty command-Z apparently doesn’t work on Scrivener.


I was crushed.  Just ask poor Mark.  Weirdly, I was more angry with myself than sad, which is a nice change over crying in the corner for a few hours, but it wasn’t exactly pleasant.  It was hard to admit that I’d made that kind of a boneheaded mistake.  But I did.  And now I know that cutting in Scrivener (at least my version) can’t be undone.  So LEARN FROM ME PEOPLE!  DON’T FOLLOW IN MY TRAGIC FOOTSTEPS!


All it will do is keep you up to 2 am re-writing what you lost.


[Which, oddly, only took about 25 minutes.  Apparently there’s something to re-writing it right away.  It lost some of the sparkle, but the function is all still there.]


What’s the silliest computer mistake you’ve ever made?

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2 Responses to A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

  1. arrrgh. I think I’d still be screaming.

    But, *tech support mode ON*, no time machine back up on the mac to restore that previous file?

    I don’t know if you were writing somewhere else and copying into scrivener when this happened but if you save frequently and have your backup drive plugged in you have something to go back to. During my first NaNoWriMo I got so obsessed with saving and backing up that I started saving to dropbox as well as internal drive (plus back up drive normal backup). That’s worked out ok for me since I’m working in text and can open the things anywhere I am.

    Good luck with the new plot and projects!

    • Candice says:

      Yeah… I’m still a little annoyed.

      And I have time machine, but I was camping (did I mention I was camping?) and the external was at home, and therefore useless. As was dropbox (no internets). I love how Scrivener saves automatically, but I forget how sometimes that’s a bad thing…

      I was writing in Scrivener but copying and pasting into a different scene (this part of planning involves a lot of referring to previous things and I find it easier to copy it all somewhere else and delete the references as I go through the synopsis). Otherwise, I would have been able to “undo” my writing in the other program.

      On the plus side, it did only take twenty minutes to re-write two hours of work, so that’s something…