Off the Needles

It feels like it’s time for a knitting update. Ironically, this is because I think I have the beginnings of a repetitive strain injury and I’m on a self-imposed knitting break for at least a week. Which totally sucks, I have to say. I’ve actually been knitting more lately (possibly at the expense of my writing) and not being able to do it is kind of frustrating. So, since I can’t knit, I’ll write about knitting!

Some of these I knitted while pregnant. Some have come off the needles after a length of time I try not to think about. Some are (relatively) new.

Off the needles in the last little while, we have:

A cunning hat for KRH


A sweet sweater for KRH


Another sweater for KRH


Socks for Mark

Okay, these ones only took… three years. They ended up being a third anniversary present, when he was supposed to wear them to our wedding. I also recently finished his wedding present, which was also a third anniversary present – that’ll be it’s own blog post when it’s finished (it needs buttons!).


Hats for KRH, Mark, and my Dad

All my men got matching hats for birthday (KRH, Mark) and Christmas (Dad). This picture doesn’t really do them justice, but the sun was setting and I was in a rush.


Another hat for Dad

Dad needed another hat.


Not listed here are numerous dishcloths (which I knit when I can’t sleep), dish scrubbies (Christmas gifts galore now that I’ve discovered scrubby yarn), the socks for me (which only needed the ends woven in and sat in my knitting pile for an embarrassingly long time before I did it), mittens for KRH (they don’t fit and I can’t find them right now and never grabbed a picture), and crocheted snowflakes (for our nature table).

Wow, when you list it all out, it’s no wonder I’m working on an RSI! Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.